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Our mission is to provide a supportive, resource-rich environment for advisors who choose to build their businesses through a unique marketing organization, committed to innovation, integrity and growth.
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ABC Planning Process

Atlantis Marketing Solutions has formed a strategic alliance with one of the leaders in Retirement and Social Security Planning. For those agents interested in working in the retirement arena, we have established a long term relationship with Vick & Associates who provides Atlantis and it’s agents the ability to provide their clients the solutions they […]

Atlantis Marketing Solutions

Atlantis is an organization that will teach you a “proven” sales system and provide you the necessary tools and resources to increase your sales production. Ours is a system that teaches you how to think “with” your clients at the same time that it provides a sophisticated software application to aid those clients in making […]

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Since 2002, we’ve assisted families and individuals in legacy and retirement planning and have become masters in assisting them reach their financial goals.   We are well known for our service to our customers, but are equally proud of the compassion and the personal connection which underscores our customer focus. Our core client age group is […]

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Most Americans have lost 40% of their net worth and are worried about maintain their life style in addition to the possible chronic care costs as they age.   We work with very large insurance carriers within the industry, as well as specialty carriers, that offer a variety of options and solutions that will meet […]

Video Testimonials
Tony R.
Jerry L.
Terry T.
"Have investigated the retirement software before & the ABC method makes it very simple to guide clients to come to their own conclusions without selling, even when the presenter is a recovering engineer." - D. W., Ohio
"My annual sales production was $600,000 and within the first 6 months I sold over $1.6 million" - J.S., Texas